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All About Placencia – A Reason to Rent a Car

Placencia is a gorgeous emerald peninsula in southern Belize with 16 miles of sandy beaches. The Caribbean sea is to the east and the charming Placencia lagoon lies to west looking to the mountains on the mainland. Placencia is essentially divided into two parts: south of the airstrip and north of the airstrip. The busy part of Placencia: “Placencia Downtown” lies in the south where the visitor will find the greater concentration of coffee shops, bistros, internet cafes, the harbor, guest houses, taxi and bus station, banks and local restaurants.

The water is clean and clear; the trade winds gentle and cooling. There are few sights more calming to the spirit than a Belizean sunset on a deserted Plaencia beach.

Once a sleepy fishing village, Placencia has emerged as an increasingly popular eco-destination on the Caribbean. For those who enjoy outdoor adventure, the Stann Creek region offers a host of activities: hiking through mountainous rain forests, kayaking, deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling and exploring Mayan ruins. Tour centers offer a variety of excursions, with boat rides to the outer cayes an ongoing favorite, also guided land tours to Mayan Ruins or trekking the jungle trails of Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, where the first Jaguar Reserve in the world was established.

The beaches along the Placencia Peninsula are dotted with small resorts that can arrange dive and snorkel trips to the reef, which is about 17 miles away. They can also arrange day trips to many small, idyllic cayes, such as Laughing Bird Caye, a mini-atoll that offers protected snorkeling and swimming, a white sand beach and many cooling palm trees for beach girls to cool off (it even has hammocks!).

The people of Placencia remain its greatest asset. A microcosm of the nation at large, in Placencia you would find every ethnic group including Latinos, Garifunas, Creoles, Maya,, Mennonite, East Indian and Chinese and of course hundreds of North American and European immigrants. For visitors this means an experience that is unabashedly authentic. No one remains of stranger for very long. From your first very first of footstep in the sand you are a welcome member of the community.